Learn French at French à la Carte

French à la Carte is a private language school on Sydney’s North Shore, established in January 2008 by Françoise Presse and now owned and managed by Caroline Thimonier.

The staff at French à la Carte are all highly qualified French born teachers who have subsequently migrated to Australia. They retain a passion for their native France and the French language and are delighted to be able to assist our students to learn to speak French and to become absorbed in the French culture.

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Learn French at French a la Carte

Learn French in Sydney

A great sense of community and friendship develops very quickly in all our classes, making learning an easier and more fun experience.

To maximise our students’ exposure to the language and the culture, our courses are complemented by optional conversation classes, full immersion seminars in both France and Australia, as well as events such as literary breakfasts and visits to the French Film Festival.


Courses are run in a friendly, interactive and motivating atmosphere and are held in the comfortable venue of the Pymble Golf Club.

We do our utmost to provide personal assistance to our students at any time. Regular correspondence between students and teachers is the norm and after each lesson, students receive an electronic copy of all notes and vocabulary covered during class.

For enquiries, email Caroline  or call 0400 141 370.

Learn French at French a la Carte
Learn French on Sydney's North Shore