Unlock the beauty of the French language with our Adult French classes!

Whether you're an absolute beginner or looking to brush up on your skills, our courses cater to all proficiency levels. Immerse yourself in the richness of French culture while building a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and conversation.

Our experienced instructors create a supportive and interactive learning environment, ensuring that your language journey is both enjoyable and effective. Join us for a rewarding experience where you'll gain confidence in speaking, listening, and understanding French. À bientôt !

If you're an absolute beginner, or you haven't studied French in decades and want to start from scratch, our complete beginners classes are for you.

Choose between our A1.1 general French classes to learn all aspects of French language or our French To Travel 8-week course to get survival skills for a trip to France.

We have a range of non-beginner classes with spots available across our locations.

If you have studied French before, contact us for a FREE assessment test of your level.

We will help you find a suitable class depending on your current level of French and your availability.

If you're a returning student, we save your spot in your usual classes for you from one term to the next, unless you tell us otherwise. Simply browse our course selector to enrol in your regular class.

If your schedule has changed and you'd like to change classes, contact us to find the most suitable group for you.

(8 weeks)

TERM 4: 16 Oct– 8 Dec

TERM 1: 9 Feb – 8 April
TERM 2: 6 May – 8 July
TERM 3: 29 July – 20 Sept
TERM 4: 21 Oct– 13 Dec


The emphasis is placed on speaking and understanding the language with the right balance of fluency and accuracy. Our General French classes consist of expression and comprehension activities with relevant grammar and vocabulary exercises. 

We promote learning by tying in practical as well as cultural aspects of life in a French-speaking country.

We currently offer more than 30 group classes of all levels, from complete beginners to very advanced. Find out more about our levels here.


Our face-to-face small group conversation classes are designed to complement our General French classes, focusing primarily on enhancing conversational skills and fluency of speech.

Each lesson’s topics are based on students’ interests and levels. 

We currently offer more than 15 conversation classes of all levels, from A2 - Elementary to C1/C2 - Fluency levels

Our groups have 6 students maximum per class.


This course is designed for adults planning to travel to France soon, who want to be able to have basic interactions in French during their trips.

Each week, our teacher will take you to a different French city where you'll explore cultural aspects and learn how to interact in a practical situation such as booking a train ticket, buy something at the market, shopping for souvenirs or eating at a restaurant.

All material is provided, and fun is guaranteed!


Work on a specific aspect of the French language over one or several term(s), with one of our native French teachers.

Topics can be language related (prononciation, comprehension, grammar, tenses); or cultural focused (history, art, philosophy, current affairs).

Those classes are typically for non-beginner students and delivered in French, but keep an eye out, we regularly expand our offer!



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