At French à la Carte, we believe that meeting other students, teachers or French speakers outside of the classroom is an essential part of your language experience.

We have partnered with various French businesses and professionals to offer a range of cultural events for you to learn more about French culture and have a good time with fellow Francophiles: Chocolate Making; Cheese Tasting; Tarot Card Game; Wine Tasting; Bastille Day Soirée; Pétanque Game; and many more… 

See below our upcoming events to see what's in store.
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Upcoming Events

Foodie Club

Become a member of the FALC Foodie Club and enjoy French dining experiences in Sydney! 

The concept

We meet regularly in a French restaurant or café in Sydney for a nice meal in good company. One of our teachers accompanies the group to facilitate the discussion in French (or franglais if you’re not ready for a full event all in French yet!).

There are so many French restaurants and cafés in Sydney that our options are almost limitless. Our aim is to offer a variety of options to suit different tastes and schedules.

We’ll alternate lunches and dinners, and will pick a variety of restaurants ranging from café-style food for affordable budgets to full gastronomic experiences for those who would like to indulge. 

Past Events

Lunch at Le Marché

Pétanque in Mona Vale

Cabaret Night

Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Walk in the Rocks

Murder Mystery Night

Chocolate Workshop

Soirée Blanche

Wine Tasting

Soirée Bleu-Blanc-Rouge

Foodie Club - Sous le Soleil