Are workshops open to non French à la Carte enrolled students?2018-07-26T20:43:28+10:00

YES! This is actually a good way to (re)connect with your French language journey. Please check, however, the required level to register.

Is there any discount for two members from the same family to attend classes?2018-07-26T20:44:00+10:00

YES! A 10% discount applies to couples or two members of the same family when similar classes are booked by both for a whole period.

Can I refer someone to the classes?2018-07-26T20:45:10+10:00

Of course! Please contact our Principal … You can even offer a term’s fees as a gift to a friend or family member.

When can I join a beginners’ class?2017-11-24T06:59:39+11:00

It is important to join a beginners’  class at the beginning of the first semester. Without the basics, joining in the middle of the year won’t be possible. For the other levels, depending on places available and after a trial, you can join any time during the year.

What happens when I plan to travel?2017-11-24T07:01:13+11:00
Can I make up for an unattended class?2018-07-26T20:45:47+10:00
How do I cancel my workshop booking?2018-07-26T20:46:26+10:00

Workshop fees aren’t refundable. Please contact our Principal as soon as possible as there could be someone on the waiting list, ready to replace and refund you!

Is travel insurance included?2018-07-26T20:33:26+10:00

Travel insurance isn’t included in the immersion packages. It is your responsibility to organise this yourself. Please check immersion memos for details.