We have been delivering General French classes in St Ives for more than 10 years. We are now offering our popular French classes at Bayview Golf Club in Mona Vale for students living around the Northern Beaches area!

At French à la Carte, the emphasis is placed on speaking and understanding the language with the right balance of fluency and accuracy. Our classes consist of expression and comprehension activities with relevant grammar and vocabulary exercises. Most importantly, we promote learning by tying in practical as well as cultural aspects of life in a French-speaking country. Progression is tailored to the level and interests of the group being taught.

Our teachers are highly qualified native speakers, passionate about French culture and language. More than a standard language centre, our school is a social experience. Some of our students have been with us for more than 10 years!

Whether you want to rediscover the French you learnt way back in high school, or to improve your current French speaking skills, we’re sure to have a class that suits you. Come learn French with us in Mona Vale!

General French Classes

Elementary Level

The Elementary level classes are for students who have no knowledge or very limited knowledge of French.  These classes will help you communicate at an A1 level in French so that you…

  • Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions.
  • Can introduce yourself and others, ask and answer personal questions.
  • Can interact in a simple conversation with a slow speaking conversation partner.

Elementary 1

Monday at 1:15 pm

Our entry level for General French classes for absolute Beginners.

Elementary 2

Tuesday at 9.30 am

For false-beginners or students who have studied Elementary 1 with us.

Pre-Intermediate Level

The Intermediate level classes will help you communicate at a B1 level in French so that you…

  • Can understand the basics of matters like work, school, leisure etc.
  • Can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst traveling in a French speaking country.
  • Can write simple connected text on familiar topics.

Advanced Level

The Advanced level classes will help you communicate at a B2 level in French so that you…

  • Can describe experiences and past events, dreams, hopes and ambitions.
  • Can give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.
  • Can understand a complex text, both general and specific topics.

Pre-Intermediate 1

Monday at 9.30 am

For students who already have basic knowledge and command of French language.

Advanced 1

Tuesday at 2.30 pm

For students who have a solid command of French language and can interact at a conversational level.

Conversation Classes in Mona Vale

Our face-to-face conversation classes take place in the functions room at Bayview Golf Club.

The room is fully equipped with A/C, a large table, comfortable chairs, a videoprojector and screen.
The maximum number of students is 6.

Conversation – Pre-Intermediate

Monday at 12pm

1 hour conversation class to enhance conversational skills in small groups of 6 students maximum.

Conversation – Advanced

Monday at 3.30pm

1 hour conversation class to enhance conversational skills in small groups of 6 students maximum.

Maximise your French learning experience

French à la Carte is committed to offering Sydneysiders the most complete French experience.

In addition to our regular General French & conversation classes in St Ives and Mona Vale, we also organise regular social & cultural workshops, events and immersions in French. These are available throughout the year, not only to French à la Carte students but to all Francophiles looking to add a bit more French in their life.

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French Lessons

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