In addition to our regular General French and Conversation classes, French à la Carte also organises French workshops during terms and during our school holidays. They’re fun, they’re interesting, they’re in French, c’est fantastique !

What’s on in April

Here is our April 2021 Holiday Workshops selection:


These 3-hour workshops address specific aspects of the language. They include hands-on practice and you can ask plenty of questions to clarify your understanding. All language workshops will take place at our St Ives School.


Want to hear and speak French in a different environment? Forget about classroom and grammar rules, our social and cultural afternoon workshops are all about having fun learning about French culture and playing games.


All workshops will be organised in strict accordance with social restrictions in place at the date of the event. If new restrictions are in place after you booked your workshop and we can no longer organise it, we will refund the full amount within one week of cancelling the event. We will take all precautionary measures for workshops to adhere to restrictions and rules in place and ensure everyone’s safety.



What’s on in Term 2

Meditation in French

Series of 1-hour Meditation sessions, delivered in French
Every Tuesday from 20 April to 9 June 2021 –  12:15-1:15pm
Location: St Ives School – 164A Mona Vale Rd


Always wanted to try meditation, but never got around to it? Or maybe you’ve done it before but haven’t practiced in a while? Want to try something new, in French? Feeling like you could use a bit of calmness and mental clarity in your life? This Effortless Meditation (Méditation sans Effort) course might be the answer.

Samuel Huet, our fantastic conversation teacher, is also an Effortless Meditation instructor. He wants to share his passion for meditation with French à la Carte students, and has designed a course in French accessible to all levels (except Elementary 1 students).

In this course, you will learn about meditation and its many benefits, and Samuel will provide you with the vocabulary necessary to follow the 20-minute guided meditation included in each lesson. No prior experience is necessary, all you need to do is come along, sit comfortably (on a chair), close your eyes and let yourself be guided. At the end of the lesson, there will be time for questions and sharing your experience.

Possibility to enrol for the full term or by the class.

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In addition to our French immersions, we also organise General French and conversation classes, holiday workshops and events in French, available throughout the year not only to French à la Carte students, but to all francophiles wanting to add a bit of French in their life.

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