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Our classes resumed this week at Pymble Golf Course, to the great pleasure of our wonderful team of teachers and our dear students. We’d like to thank all of you for enrolling for another term or semester with us,despite the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation at the moment.

Your loyalty to the school is a source of great motivation for the French à la Carte team to pursue our mission to promote French language and culture on Sydney’s North Shore. It energises us to keep our lessons as enjoyable as possible while still bringing enough challenge to keep everyone’s brains well and truly engaged.

Your passion for French also encourages us to find more opportunities to get some of our culture in your life. We’re starting today with the launch of the French à la Carte library, an initiative that we are sure you’re going to love!


French à la Carte Library

We have received many requests from our students to reopen the DVD swap system in place until the end of last year. We have also been asked about where to find books and magazines in French. We want to help you access French culture, and are very happy to announce the launch of the French à la Carte collaborative library!

This library is created exclusively for FALC students. It will offer a selection of French classical and modern literature from various genres, but also magazines, children’s books and DVDs. Its initial stock of items will come from donations from French à la Carte teachers, friends and students, and will grow over time.

Access to the library will require students to pay a membership fee, but we will be operating the library as a purely not-for-profit activity: we’ll use the annual membership revenue to purchase more books, DVDs and magazines suited for all levels (even beginners!) and to cover management costs of the library such as room hire, etc. Access to the library will be once a month to start with, with additional dates at a later stage. We’ll organise specific times and venues in a few weeks’ time, when we have a better visibility on room hire restrictions, and better weather for an outside pop-up library when possible.

We would appreciate  contributions to help make this initiative a success: if you have books, magazines, DVDs or any other French items collecting dust on your shelves that other students might enjoy reading or watching, we’d love to add them to our collection. We will leave a box in the Kel Nagle room from tomorrow to collect any items students may wish to donate to the FALC Library. You can also give items to your teacher in class, they’ll put the books to the Donation box. Your generosity is much appreciated by your fellow students. Merci d’avance !

Term 3 classes – Covid-19 update

The new restrictions coming into effect on 24 July won’t change your French lessons, but they do affect the Pymble Golf Club House restaurant, which introduced the following rules last Friday: 

  • Furniture in the Clubhouse is not to be moved, as all tables and chairs have been set up in accordance to current guidelines.
  • A maximum of 10 guests per table will be allowed.
  • No self-service of any food or drink items is possible at this time, and all food and drink must be consumed at seated tables.
  • Guests must stand on the allocated floor dots when ordering drinks and food.
  • A one-hour limit is set for lunch in the Clubhouse.

We would also like to reiterate that any student who has come into contact with anyone who is currently being tested for COVID-19 must not come to class until the test results are known. Equally, if you, or anyone living in your household, tests positive to COVID-19, you must report it to French à la Carte, so that we can take appropriate action to inform students and teachers who may be affected, and to inform the Golf Club. 

In the Kel Nagle room, more tables have been added to the U-shape layout, and some of the extra furniture in the room will be moved to another room in order to allow space to add a couple more tables and spread the chairs out further.

Zoom Conversation classes

Thank you for answering the Zoom lesson survey earlier this month. The results showed that some students were interested in continuing online lessons for now, a preference that we have been happy to accommodate. We have been able to start two new Zoom conversation classes for Term 3: an Upper-Intermediate group on Mondays (now full) and an Intermediate group on Wednesdays at 3:30pm. This latter class has a couple of spots left, so if you’re interested in joining, please contact Marion.

Citation du jour – Quote of the day

Rendez-vous français

The Bastille Market at Willoughby has been postponed to 20 September 2020.  Make a note in your diary, it will be a great day for French food, music, culture and language! 

For any question or enquiry, please contact us via email at or call us at 0400 141 370

À bientôt !

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