Unlock the beauty of the French language with our engaging and tailored French classes designed for students in Year 7 to 12!

Whether you're learning for pure enjoyment, gearing up for exams such as HSC, IB, or DELF, or seeking personalized or small group tutoring to excel in your school studies, our experienced instructors are here to guide you.

Immerse yourself in the richness of French culture, enhance your linguistic skills, and set yourself up for success. Join us on a journey where language meets passion, and education becomes an exciting adventure!


French a la Carte Bonjour Frenchies Profeam

Dive into French flair with our
Bonjour Frenchies Teen Courses!

Classes are designed to provide a great learning experience, where students learn to speak, listen, write and read French language, as well as discover French culture in all its forms: sports, literature, cinema, music, fashion, food, and much more.

French a la Carte HSC Exam Preparation

Gear up for exam success !

Designed exclusively for Y10-12 tackling French exams (HSC, IB, and DELF). Each session is packed with targeted language drills, exam strategies, and comprehensive practice sessions, to make your French journey a success all the way through!

Choose between...

French a la Carte Holiday Program

Half-day or full-day vacation camps where each session is filled with French!

French a la Carte Term Classes

Unlock the world of French language and culture with our engaging Teen classes!

French a la Carte Tutoring

Elevate your French fluency with our personalized tutoring for teenagers, anytime, anywhere!

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